Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moi the Bookplate Collector?

Yes. Moi the Bibliomaniac is gradually
becoming Moi the Bookplate Collector as well. Some of the bookplates I possessed before coming to Hawaii are displayed in My
Sentimental Library
photo album. Most of them are pasted on the front endpapers of books formerly owned by people whose books I collect. Since arriving in Hawaii six months ago, I have acquired seven more bookplates, only one of which is pasted
inside of a book:

Bookplates of John Carter

John Carter is one of the bibliophiles I collect. I probably couldn't afford to purchase a book from his library, but I couldn't pass up the chance to buy his bookplates. Sandy Malcolm, my London bibliophile friend, also collects John Carter, and even has a book or two from his library - the dirty dog! - so we went halves on an auction for the Carter bookplates. The John Waynflete Carter bookplate was reportedly cut on wood by Reynolds Stone around 1932. Stone reportedly cut the John Carter bookplate around 1940.

Bookplate of Ernestine & John Carter

This is a copy of the bookplate John Carter designed for himself and his wife in 1947, and had printed at the Rampant Lion Press in Cambridge. Sandy Malcolm has the original copy.

Leather Gift Bookplate
Book Presented to Sarah Parry
by her affectionate cousin
Henry Blackwell
June 15th 1872

Henry Blackwell (1851-1928) is one of the bibliophiles in my library. I must admit that I had him confused with the abolitionist by the same name who lived from 1825 to 1909, and who was married to Lucy Stone. My Henry Blackwell was a bookbinder, a biographer and bibliographer. He was also an avid bookplate collector, having amassed over 10,000 old bookplates by 1903. I have a book from his library which he bound, and which contains his bookplate that Sears engraved. I also have a bookplate of his that E.D. French engraved. French also engraved a gift bookplate for Blackwell; however, the gift bookplate displayed above is not the one engraved by French.

Bookplate of William F. Gable

William F. Gable was a prominent Americana collector in the early 1900s. I have four autograph letters from other bibliophiles that were written to him in my library. I acquired Gable's bookplate from a prominent bookplate collector of our period, Lewis Jaffe.

Bookplate of Lewis Jaffe

Lew sent me one of his personal bookplates as well. If bookplates are your thing, you need to read Lew's blog.

Bookplate of Augustine Birrell

I have several books formerly owned by Augustine Birrell in my library back in Florida. I may even have Birrell's bookplate pasted in one of them; but it isn't displayed in My Sentimental Library photo album, so I acquired this one. This bookplate has a provenance of its own; I bought it from Anthony Pincott, a prominent member of The Bookplate Society.

The Bookplate Society

Along with the Birrell bookplate, Anthony Pincott enclosed a brochure from The Bookplate Society, which contains a membership application. If my bookplate collecting continues, I just may join after I return to Florida.

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